The Printed Game Guide

Although it is being phased out in favour of the cheaper and more efficient Game Guide E and
Game Guide Epos system, we still print a limited number of copies for market traders and other
small retailers.

The printed guide covers all of the current formats, including PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS and PSP, but also still carries some of the older formats, such as PS2, the original Xbox, Game Cube and GBA. However, we no longer regularly maintain prices on these obsolescent formats.

Every month, the guide is updated with new pricing data, new releases
and lists every future release notified to us by publishers.

At £30 per issue, the printed Game Guide is still good value and keeps you in tune with the competition.

  • Lists new releases, with known retail prices.
  • Publishes viable used buy and sell values for console games.
  • Tracks the prices the major high stores are selling games at.
  • Warns about titles you are not recommended to buy.
  • Marks every title that has had an upwards or downwards price movement.
  • Published around the 8th of every month.